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Oso Viejo Web Services is an Internet Marketing and Design Company with extensive business management, marketing and design experience. Our resources include the skills, state-of-the-art computers, photo/video cameras and the latest software for designing Web Sites, Graphics, Photos, Videos (including editing and production) and Search Engine Optimazation (SEO).

We begin by working with you to define your internet marketing goals and the presentation of a Quotation for your approval. This can be accomplished in Personal meetings or via email. You start the process by completing the Free Information Request Form or clicking "Contact Oso  Viejo below".

  • Upon completion and acceptance of the Quotation and OK from you, we begin implementation.
  • Develop the marketing tools as defined in the Approved Plan (website, social media pages, logo, business cards, stationary, etc)
  • Implement your on-line marketing and promotion plan.
Below is a summary of the major items for your consideration. We will help guide you through this process. Don't wait, Contact us for a "No Cost Evaluation" of your needs!

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Domain Name: Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name. It requires thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the Web - you want to choose a name that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find and promote.

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Web Page Design: There are key points to consider when creating websites. With the key points in mind, we work with you to create a great-looking website that not only meets your demands, but also ranks well in search engines and performs well on Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

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Web Hosting: Choosing a web host can complicated. There are many basic cheap or free hosting servers that may not include the tools you need for your site. While it's tempting to sign up for a free host, there are factors to keep in mind. You will often find that a paid host is less expensive.

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Graphic Arts

Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), posters, website graphics and elements, artwork, organized text and pure design elements such as images, shapes and color which unify the website and makes it a great site.

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A website's photographs communicate information about your business. They can be used to set a mood or communicate an entire theme. Photographic content can take an otherwise simple website and text to the next level - informative and pleasing.

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Videos are a great introduction to your product or service. The key with video is to focus on your product or service. While you will want the features in text and imagery below, having a video will get your users to notice the product and want to know more.

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